ITA Group is at the vanguard of the mandatory international regulation, providing expertise worldwide to navigate the requirements of an increasingly regulated food economy and technical services to support manufacturers companies with Inspection, Training and Auditing.

ITA Group helps companies equip their frontline employees with the knowledge and confidence they need to elevate safety, productivity, culture, and compliance.




Inspection and monitoring programmes are at the heart of the enforcement system ITA Group’s team.
In the old conception of food control, inspection activities focused on sampling and testing of end products to determine their compliance with regulations.

ITA Group offers a wide variety of training programs to fit your company’s specific needs. We have developed a new comprehensive training program to help you and your employees understand the complex new food safety rules and how to comply with them

Our customers understand Food Hygiene practices thanks to our wide-ranging auditing activities carried out by our multidiscplinary team, that are qualified in international standards recognized by GFSI, like IFS, BRC, GLOBALGAP and FSSC 22000, FSMA Rules and North American Federal Law.