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ITA GROUP provides regulatory services to help protect your brand by ensuring regulatory compliance and food safety requirements. Our team of experts is there to assist you in every phase of the new SFCR by providing a Preventive Control Plan (PCP), revision and integration and preventive control measures (PCM).

Our network of experts can help you get your products to market and achieve success in the food industry in compliance with SFCR to ensuring that:

  • The food is (whether prepared domestically, imported or exported) is safe and meets the regulatory requirements,
  • The food is complies with compositional and high-grade requirements of substance and quality,
  • And ensuring the food is labeled, advertised and presented in a way that is not false or misleading and meets the regulatory requirements.

ITA Group provides regulatory services on:

Implement a written document on preventive control plan (PCP) in compliance with SFCR that demonstrates how risks to food and food animals are identified and controlled. The controls are based on internationally recognized Codex Alimentarius General Principles of Food Hygiene CAC / RCP and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) principles.

For importers, a specific preventive control plan (PCP) in compliance with SFCR that describes how the importer and its foreign suppliers are meeting applicable preventive food safety control requirements.

Evaluation of foreign suppliers to check that they are meeting applicable preventive food safety control requirements in compliance with SFCR with documentational review, testing and sample. (Audit on site if necessary)

On behalf of the Canadian importer, we will perform a documentary evaluation of the foreign suppliers to ensure that they are aligned with the Canadian SFCR food safety regulations and also on-site audits if necessary.

Traceability provision of a written document requiring that food be traced forward to the person to whom the food (the immediate customer) and backward to the immediate supplier (one step forward, one step back). Some of the traceability requirements also apply to retail (excluding restaurants or other similar enterprises) which are required to trace the food back to the immediate supplier, but not forward to the consumer.

Labeling requirements to enable traceability.

Everyone has the right to know that the food they have bought matches the description given on the label. Part of our role is to help prevent mislabelling or misleading descriptions of foods.

  • If mislabelling is done deliberately it is criminal fraud, whether it poses a food safety threat or not.
  • A detailed report of recommended revisions to your label with an assessment of the product and review of the legal requirements of the labels, including product name, ingredients list, allergen declarations, nutrition facts, durability dates, storage conditions, net contents, country of origin, font size, claims and all other mandatory requirements that are essential to comply with the regulations of your destination countries.
  • Do you need your entire label adapted for Canada? We can handle that for you! Send us a PDF graphic of your U.S. label along with a 100g unrounded report for the nutrient values and we will provide a report detailing how the label information has to be changed to be compliant with Canadian regulations.
  • We support companies with legal expert in more than 70 countries.