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Based in London, United Kingdom, ITA Group UK is the ITA partner specialized in Food Safety Smart Tools like Remote Auditing, Big Data Analysis, Block Chain, Artificial Intelligence.

UK ITA Group Ltd, is a UK consulting firm specialized in new I.T. tools for food safety purpose actually called “Smart food safety tools”. UK ITA works with food industries to develop and test smart solutions for different needs.

Our activities are focused on these fields:

  • Food Blockchain linked to organoleptic characteristics
  • Food Big Data for Hazard Assessment and Hazard Prediction
  • Artificial intelligence (A.I.) for food safety hazard analysis and Hazard prediction
  • Traceability management tools
  • Cold chain management software
  • E-commerce food certification

Additionally, UK ITA offers:

  • Personalized research and development
  • Personalized testing
  • Remote audits